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Our story

In 2019, the world was rocked by an unforeseen and devastating event - the Coronavirus. This global outbreak sparked widespread anxiety and uncertainty about the future. Like most having to make life changing adjustments to our daily activities as a result of all the various shutdowns within the country and no ability to have any human contact outside your home was extremely challenging for millions of people in and around the United States. Witnessing firsthand the daily struggles caused by this uncertainty, my son and I embarked on a mission to spread hope and positivity. Thus, Wynning Apparel and Athletic Brand was born, an apparel brand that aims to inspire and motivate through unique imagery and uplifting messages. Our brand name, "Wynning," pays homage to my father, Mr. Lawyer B. Wynn, a proud World War II army veteran and dedicated family man. His life exemplified discipline, hard work, and unwavering faith, inspiring us to overcome obstacles and stay focused on our vision at all costs. After 2+ years of long days and nights conducting extensive research on the retail apparel industry and all its elements. In addition to spending countless hours identifying consumer demands while at the same time creating a uniqueness that would set The Wynning Brand apart from the rest of the pack. In early 2021 we officially introduce the Wynning Apparel and Athletic Brand to the world.


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Our mission

At The Wynning Apparel and Athletic Brand (wynninginc), our mission is to promote positivity, unity, motivation, and encouragement through our high-quality apparel and active wear. Our line of apparel has garnered a loyal following due to our commitment to excellence. We continually innovate and introduce new products to meet the ever-changing needs of the athletic and active community. Our ultimate goal is to become the leading producer of quality apparel and active wear in the United States and various part of the world. With our unwavering dedication to customer service and top-notch products, we are confident in achieving this goal.  Our supporters are not considered customers but as members of The Wynning Team Family as we travel together on this journey to accomplish this mission.  Thank you for choosing The Wynning Brand as your go-to source for apparel and active wear.

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